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We all know that this part of the year is when most people are in recovery mode after overspending at the end of the last year, which is why budgeting and looking out for affordable ideas is always a good plan of action.

When it comes to baby rooms, it is nice to consistently keep things fresh for the little one with décor that will inspire and stimulate a growing mind, so changing things up from time to time is a wonderful idea.

Sometimes it is best to keep things basic until you've spent sufficient time living in a baby room setup for a while. Once you have developed your living patterns and you are comfortable with how the setup works for you and baby, it is time to make some lovely additions at an affordable cost.

Here are a few affordable decorating ideas for your baby room:

Change Up A Few Textures

Don't be shy with natural textures such as wood or woven materials, as they add warmth and character to a room. Invest in a few affordable pillows or decorative cushions that your child will love to hold or cuddle with, or perhaps a wooden nursery accessory would add another tactile element to the room. Now sit in your feeding chair and admire the excitement in your little one's eyes as they discover something new.

Create A Tiny Art Gallery

Encouraging your little one to produce artworks will be a catalyst for their creativity. Choosing an area of the room to dedicate to their drawings or any other artistic creations will bring this decorative element to life, and give your little one a sense of pride in what they produce. Using interesting and funky frames will add to this mini art gallery idea.

Let Little Feet Enjoy A Rug

Rugs are an excellent way to bring colour and patterns into a baby room. The rug can also be a wonderful statement piece that draws attention, especially in a nursery, as a rug is warm and gives comfort to more than one of the senses. The textures of a rug mean that it is not simply something thrown on the floor to look nice, but a functional piece of decor that increases the comfort underfoot.

Personalise Your Room

Give your child's room some personal character by using their name or nickname as part of the décor. This can be done using wooden or mosaic lettering that spells out your child's name and sticks to the wall. You can select the font, colour combination and theme, with the names carefully created for each individual requirement.

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-- 20 February 2016 --

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