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The furniture requirements of a baby room can be determined by looking at the situation in a variety of ways, but the method that we prefer to use is to consider the needs of your child based on their activities.

What this means, is that you need to think about your baby's day to day needs in order to decide on the baby furniture that your nursery will require.

So take some time to carefully consider the needs of your newborn, and make sure that your little blessing has all of the pieces of furniture required for a happy life and a baby room fit for a tiny prince or princess.

Here are a few of the activities that you should consider:


Other than eating and giving you reason to buy countless nappies, your baby will be spending much of their time sleeping and resting in order to accelerate their growth. Having a comfortable cot and cot mattress complete with baby linen is therefore a necessity. The safety of the cot is the highest priority.


A growing baby is a hungry baby, so feeding time becomes one of the most important periods of the day. Having a comfortable place for baby to feed is a wonderful bonus for the little one and the parents too. A plush and comfortable feeding chair becomes a favourite spot for all involved, and is definitely a piece of baby furniture that is worth the investment.


Nappy changing is a fundamental part of a baby's early life, and having a place in the nursery that is dedicated to this activity can make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. A compactum or a changing table provides parents of a little one with the nappy changing area without sacrificing space unnecessarily. Furniture can serve a dual purpose and in this case it does, as the compactum allows for storage under the nappy changing area.


Storage goes into overdrive when little ones come along, with so many extra clothes, toys and other bits and bobs now needing to be organised well and stored in the baby room. So having beautiful baby furniture that is functional and practical makes a world of difference. Furniture such as a compactum, wardrobe and shelving will allow for seamless storage in an area that will give parents easy access to important baby items that are required in the nursery.


Playing could also be called learning, as your little one learns a great deal through the use of toys and by simply playing in their nursery. This is why a nice soft rug to play on when mom and dad are around can be a wonderful and inexpensive treat in the baby room. The cot is another important play area for baby.



-- 23 June 2016 --

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