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You can buy the most wonderful crib in the world for your little one, but their comfort and sleep quality will depend in a big part on the mattress that you select for your baby's new crib or cot.

Your baby will sleep in their crib for around three years of their life, and the mattress will be ever-present during that time. The mattress will therefore not only be important for general comfort, as the sleep quality will affect the baby's health while the mattress will support all of the growing that your baby will be doing while sleeping.

So the purchase of the ideal crib or cot mattress is an important consideration that should not be taken lightly.

These are a few things that parents should consider before committing to a mattress:

The perfect size

Your baby's mattress needs to fit perfectly in the crib or cot, with no space between the side of the mattress and the cot frame. If there's a space, the mattress is too small and could be a suffocation and entrapment risk. Take proper measurements of the cot that you have bought or are planning to buy in order to make sure that it will fit. Better yet, buy from the same place and test it in store.

Firm is good

A firm cot mattress is important, as your baby must not have a mattress that is too soft. A stiffer mattress is best, as your baby will adjust to the stiffness, but may have problems on softer mattresses that are typically designed for older children and adults. A good test is to press on the mattress in the centre and at the edges. The mattress should bounce back immediately and should not take the shape of your hand.

The fabric or mattress protector

As the baba is so small and delicate at this early stage of their growth, and mattress needs to have properties or qualities that add to the protection of the baby in terms of the mattress fabric or a protector that is used over the actual mattress, while being gentle on the baby's soft skin. It is important to consider elements such as anti-allergy fabrics and anti-bacterial properties. Dream Furniture, for example, offers mattresses that come with a Sealy Posturepedic Soft Touch Cot Mattress Protector made from natural bamboo fabric for a waterproof, anti- bacterial breathable barrier, designed to provide your little one with the all-important sleep that they need to grow strong and healthy.

Other items

It is important to note that certain other items, such as the motion sensors that are used in conjunction with some baby monitors to detect the baby's movement, may not work with certain types of mattresses. These motion sensors, for example, do not work with certain memory foam mattresses. Always find out by reading the product information before buying other items.

Come through to Dream Furniture's showroom to have a look at our cot mattress options, as well as the other wonderful and affordable items and baby furniture available via our store or website.    


-- 22 September 2016 --

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