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When planning and putting together the baby furniture that will be used in your nursery or baby room, it is useful to consider baby furniture that can be converted to maximise the use of the piece of furniture.

What this basically means is that the baby furniture is made with more than one purpose in mind, and the ability for the furniture to convert to fit those purposes seamlessly through the growth of your little one from new-born, to toddler and even to a young child.

A convertible crib, for example, is designed and built to last long after your child's infancy and toddler years. The convertible crib can therefore conveniently transform from a baby crib, to a toddler bed, to a daybed, and even into a full size bed in some cases.

This can therefore be very cost effective for parents, as it is effectively taking care of the sleeping needs of your little one for many years to come, instead of having to invest in a variety of beds or furniture options as your child grows up.

Made from quality materials, such as solid wood, convertible baby cots are made to stand the test of time, ensuring quality and value for money in the long run.

The more features convertible cribs offer, the more expensive they will be, but as the baby furniture is designed to grow along with baby and provide years of use, it is worth the price.

At Dream Furniture all of our baby furniture converts to allow for maximum use and the best possible value for your investment.

Baby Cot Safety

As one of the main focus points in terms of baby furniture, the convertible crib or cot needs to be considered with care. The cot must not have drop sides on it, in accordance with USA safety compliance, while there should be adjustable base levels to avoid back issues.

The cot itself must be solid, and should have at least 32mm thick rails, and the distance between the side rails must not be greater than 7.5cm.

-- 20 July 2016 --

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