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The festive season is well and truly upon us, and of course gifts for the little ones in your life become an important part of this time of year. While you may feel that it is not affordable or feasible to completely redecorate your baby or child’s room with an abundance of baby furniture and expensive items, you may be surprised at how easy it is to give the room a new look and feel with a few small changes or additions.

These accessories can go a long way to restyling the room and giving your child a fresh place in which to spend a great deal of their time. There is also no better time to freshen up a room then at the beginning of a new year, ensuring that a new mentality and a pristine approach is transmitted to those who occupy the room, preparing them for the wonders, challenges and milestones that a new year will bring. With this in mind, here are a few choice items that make wonderful Christmas presents, or simply gifts that will signal the promise of a brand new year:

One theme right through always works

Baby Linen Bundles and Sets: In the spirit of happy holidays, it may be a wonderful idea to keep things fun and bring a dash of colour into the room with new baby linen in various styles and colours.

Nursery Accessories: Sometimes the smallest gifts can mean the most and make a world of difference, replacing something old with something new, or adding a soft toy to a baby room to give it texture and conform to a certain theme.

Wallpaper: In simple terms, a change of wallpaper means a complete change of what the room looks like in terms of the shell, and that can complete refresh the room. Depending on the age of the baby or child, the options for wallpaper are wide-ranging, with many fun themes available to consider.

Headboards: For the child who is a little older and wanting to reflect that with a new item in their room, a new headboard may be a great way to add something affordable and interesting into the room, which can suite any size, colour and design.

Teens Furniture: As your kids mature they require a room that evolves to be functional and aesthetically pleasing for their age group, so that they can be proud to have friends over and spend time in their room. Teen furniture options include modern shelves, cupboards and drawers which give your child a place to store their possessions and showcase the things that give character to their rooms.

Come through to Dream Furniture’s showroom to have a look at the wonderful items you can gift to your loved ones this festive season. Dream Furniture would like to take the opportunity to wish all those reading this a wonderful and blessed festive season, and a great 2016.

-- 14 December 2015 --

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