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Dream Furniture is a unique company in many ways, with a special passion for baby and children’s furniture defining everything that we do. We are proud of the brand that we have built, and our ability to produce beautiful pieces of furniture which appeal to many and fit perfectly into their beautiful homes.

These are five reasons why Dream Furniture is a unique and special company:

1) Kids love our furniture

Our furniture is beautifully crafted with babies and children in mind, ensuring that it is safe and comfortable, but at the same time we work on our designs so that the intended users of our furniture love the colours, textures and shapes that make up their special furniture creations, decor and nursery accessories.

2) Our pieces are all hand-made

This point is important to us, as there are too many mass produced pieces out there, that simply do not have the character and uniqueness of our hand-made items. All of the furniture that we create is hand-made, meaning that anything you purchase from Dream Furniture, such as a baby compactum or achildren’s bed, is carefully crafted with love.

3) We are environmentally conscience

Our beds and headboards for children and babies are manufactured with Eco-friendly wood, and hand-painted with odorless paint that is not bad for the environment, ensuring the safety of the little ones and consideration for our world.

One theme right through always works

4) We embrace variety

We love variety and options, because we know that not everyone has the same taste, and why should they? Variety is the spice of life, which is why we produce our children’s furniture and decor in a variety of contemporary, fun and funky colours and styles, while other options such as wallpaper and personalised baby names form part of our product range.

5) We believe in a personal touch

We believe in the personal touch and advising our customers honestly with regards to their furniture and decor needs. We love making new friends, so come through to our showroom and see what we have to offer and chat with us, or visit our website to find out more about Dream Furniture. We look forward to hearing from you!

-- 11 November 2015 --

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