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A baby's needs are fairly simple when you think about it, but it is in reflecting on the finer details that a smiling baby is raised in a happy home.

The early days of a newborn's life are spent swaddled in linen, sleeping on comfortable baby beds and shielded from the cold in textured linen that will soon provide baby with a tactile idea of what happiness is.

Linen is incredibly important at this stage, and here are just a few reasons why investing in baby linen will continue to produce returns in your baby's lifestyle and happiness:

Comfort for baby, guaranteed

From the moment a child is born they are learning about things through touch. The tactile nature of a baby's learning means that linen becomes a comforting part of their day to day activities, and it becomes a catalyst for sleep and rest times.

Your child will love to hold or cuddle in the new range of baby linen available now at Dream Furniture, with more than a bit of comfort waiting for your baby when they rest their little head after a long day of learning and growing.

Warmth is vital

The health of the baby is crucial to happiness and comfort, and keeping a baby warm is one of the most important parts of keeping them healthy. A warm baby is a happy baby and a healthy little one too.

The variety of baby linen options means that thickness, texture and warmth levels can be changed as needed depending on the ambient temperatures, and this is another reason why having a variety of baby linen options at home means that you will be prepared when your child needs a change of linen.

Another element to add to the baby room décor

It doesn't take a great deal to give a baby nursery a fresh look, as a little rearranging and some new baby linen does the trick. With baby linen the options are diverse and interesting, with colours, textures and patterns available to please both baby and parents from a room décor point of view. There are numerous linen options to suit the colours or theme of your nursery, while the variety available is able to cater for boys and girls.

Embroidered linen, soft pillows, fitted sheets, cot quilts and bumpers provide a vast selection of exciting options, and a quick change of linen can do wonders for sprucing up the room and making it look fresh once again.

Mistakes happen, stock up on linen

A baby is growing up and learning as they go along. A teething little one or a baby dealing with an upset stomach may vomit or mess the linen in another way, requiring a wash and a fresh set of linen for the cot.

This is why it is incredible useful to have a few changes of linen on hand to ensure that your baby always has something soft to cuddle with and some comfortable linen where they can rest their little heads.

Dream Furniture looks forward to welcoming you to our showroom to have a look at the wonderful and affordable baby linen sets and bundles, while our website is also a useful resource to check out:


-- 10 June 2016 --

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