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Being a teenager or a kid can be tough, and having a place of refuge to come home to makes it just a little easier. That's why a teenager or child's room becomes an important part of their lives, and a spot that they can call their own.

Make sure that your child's favourite place in the world is at home with a variety of furniture options to turn their room into their happy place. Let them be involved in how they want their room to be decorated, and the colours, textures and themes that they will use to make their room their own. This will guarantee that their room is a place that they love and can take proud ownership of.

Here are a few children's and teen furniture options that your son or daughter will appreciate in their room:

Beds and Headboards

The all-important bed is what makes a child's room the restful spot it needs to be. Children have energy to burn, but all of that energy comes from plenty of rest. The bed needs to be comfortable and strong, as we all know that children love treating their beds as trampolines at times. A sturdy headboard that matches the bed will pull the room together and allow decorative licence to parent and child in deciding the colours, textures and style of the room.

Bedroom Rugs

Often ignored as an important element of the room from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, a comfortable rug in the bedroom gives another opportunity to use the colours and themes of the room effectively, while the comfort under foot cannot be ignored. If the room flooring is made of tiles or wood, winter can see the floor becoming cold, and a plush rug becomes a must for getting off the bed first thing in the morning.

Side Tables and Desks

Having a surface to use for work and play is an important part of any bedroom at any age, and it becomes increasingly crucial as your children grow up. A side table gives your children a place to store things at bed time, while providing the ultimate spot to keep a bedside lamp. A desk provides teenagers and younger kids with the ideal space in which to do their homework or inspire creativity through learning and drawing, writing or colouring in.

Freestanding Wardrobes

Storage space – it is something we all need but so often we do not have nearly enough. Our children are the same, and between all of the clothes, toys, school stuff and other possessions they build up over time, some space to store things and the privacy of being able to lock it away is important. A freestanding wardrobe provides this to your child, and will fit comfortably in any room.


As mentioned previously, storage is a consideration that needs to be made with the room in mind. Walls are perfect places to add shelving to make the wall a functional part of the child's room, as shelves and hooks provide storage and easy access to frequently used items, which can be hung up or placed on the shelves.

Dream Furniture provides a variety of wonderful furniture and décor options for teens and kids rooms, and can be viewed online at our website or in our showroom.

-- 22 May 2016 --

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