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Some people may be against using gift certificates of any kind as presents for friends and family, but the fact is that gift certificates, such as the new Dream Furniture vouchers available in store, make for a wonderful gift.

The next time you need to buy a present for a loved one, perhaps you should consider the gift certificate that keeps on giving.

Here are a few reasons why a Dream Furniture gift certificate is your best gift option…

It saves time

Anybody who has been a parent for longer than a week knows how difficult it is to find time to do things that you want or need to do. This is especially true for parents of babies, as they demand so much time and attention. Purchasing a Dream Furniture gift certificate saves everyone time, as you need not go crazy trying to find the ideal gift, and the recipient will be able to exchange it for quality, regardless of the eventual purchase.

Many options in one gift

It is not always obvious what expectant parents still need for their children, so getting something that will end up being an unused or unwanted duplicate gift seems pointless. For this reason a gift voucher is best, as the parents will be able to use the credit towards something they actually like and need.

Set your own budget

While looking for something specific in the shops may not always work out in terms of your budget, setting one for your gift and sticking to it by purchasing a gift certificate in that exact amount is possible with gift cards, and this allows you to budget perfectly without worrying about struggling to stick to a specific amount.

Remove the pressure of gift-giving

Nothing melts gift-giving pressure like a gift certificate. Buying a gift voucher for those you care about not only alleviates the pressure on the gift-giver to become a mind-reader, but also prevents those awkward moments where you have to open gifts you hate from the people you love.

With Dream Furniture gift certificates both the giver and the recipient are certain of the quality that they give and receive in the form of a voucher from the baby and kids furniture experts.

Dream Furniture clients can purchase a gift certificate based on a Rand value, or for a specific product on offer. Purchase a gift certificate today and don't lose sleep over your next baby shower, Christmas, birthday or house-warming gift.

-- 24 January 2017 --

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