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When you think of your baby or child, you can't help but be filled with love and affection for your little one, and you want to ensure that they are always happy, comfortable and safe.

This is perfectly normal, and for this reason you should aim to make their baby room as magical and special as possible, so that they have a place that they can call their own – which they will love, enabling them to feel comfortable and happy.

At Dream Furniture it is our personal mission to be the Fairy Godmother to all of the wonderful little children who will enjoy our baby furniture, nursery accessories and wonderful décor items, which are designed to bring magic into the rooms of children.

Here are a few hints at how you can bring a little bit of magic into your little one's room…

The magic of a mobile

Installing a mobile in your child's room is pure magic, with the movement and twisting shapes and colours giving hours of simple but joyful entertainment in their room. This also helps to lull them to sleep, and we know that this is a special kind of magic for parents too.

Write their name on the wall

Personalised name letters in wood, which can be decorated and coloured in to match your baby room and theme, can be a wonderful way to make your child feel that their room is even more special, while encouraging them to learn how to spell and write their own name.

Scatter cushions with inspirational messages

A child may not be able to read the inspiring messages inscribed on cushions that are placed in their room, but you can, and you can read it out aloud to your child to motivate them and teach them valuable lessons of self-worth and belief, which are magical in their power to positively shape a young mind. Nursery accessories give a room wonderful character.

Bring your little one's favourite characters into the room

For children, few things are as exciting as the characters that entertain them on TV, on the iPad and in story books. Bring these characters to life in your child's room by using themed wallpaper or stickers and decals that are associated with the characters themselves. Your child will love this idea, and as their tastes in different characters, stories or television shows change, the walls can change to accommodate their tastes and likes.

Come through to Dream Furniture's showroom to find the perfect tools to turn your baby room into a magical wonderland.



-- 11 March 2017 --

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