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Linen Toys that your baby will love!
A baby room is a sanctuary of rest and play for your little one, but it is also their first experience of home and a space of their very own, which is why customising this space with elements that give it character is important.

This room will become a reflection of your baby’s personality, and they will learn to associate the surroundings with safety, comfort and happiness.

The baby furniture that is used in this room will make it functional, with beds, compactums and chairs adding to the comfort for baby and parents, while making sure that the room is the ideal place for the baby to sleep, learn and spend time on their own and with mom and dad. But the nursery accessories will add something special which will set each baby room apart from another.

These are a selection of nursery accessories that will add some character to your baby room:

Linen Toys – Your baby will love the soft touch and warmth of a linen toy, available in various animals and characters to suit the style of any nursery.

Curtain Tie Backs – A curtain tie back can be an excellent design element in your room. Even though it may seem like a small detail, it can really stand out in a room, especially one that receives good lighting.

Canvases and Frames – Using canvases or frames that fits the theme of your baby room is a great way to fill the wall spaces available without adding clutter to a space.

Dustbins – This is a functional piece that can be decorated in colours and themes that suit the room in question, using themes such as airplanes, hearts or flowers to give the room a solid theme which can be used throughout items.

One theme right through always works

Tissue Boxes – As with the dustbins, tissue boxes in a baby room make sense from a functional and aesthetic perspective, especially if the box itself is decorated in a theme that is followed through in other aspects of the room decor, such as the baby cot linen.

Door Knobs – Yes, that’s right, even the door knob can be used as an accessory that accentuates the theme of the room, and this will turn a few heads as it is a part of the decor which is not usually considered.

Coat Racks – A useful addition to a room to make sure that functional pieces are also part of the decor component, coat racks can be designed to match the style of the room, and showcases the style of your baby room in a subtle way.

Lamp-stands – A normal lamp-stand is perfectly fine, but if you are looking to go all out on the decor, a lamp-stand that follows the same theme can be a very interesting decor piece.

In addition to the above-mentioned ideas, which are all available through Dream Furniture, there are numerous other nursery accessories that can be used to add flair and wonder to your child’s room.    

-- 11 November 2015 --

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