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So you have considered the cot/crib, some storage options such as a set of drawers or a compactum, and perhaps a few accessories or a little personal touch to decorate your baby room to perfection while making it functional. That's great.

Your baby will sleep comfortably in the cot, be changed on the changing table or compactum, and will have all the important bits and bobs such as clothes, products and nappies stored conveniently nearby, but have you given any thought to where you will feed baby most of the time?

It is an important aspect to consider.

In the later stages of your little one's development, they will no doubt eat on a high chair or something similar, but while still breastfeeding or feeding from a bottle, where are you planning to spend this quality time with your new little bundle of joy?

Trust us when we tell you that nothing beats the comfort and relaxation for both mother (and a father with a bottle) and baby that is available with a nursing rocking chair.

It is simply the best way to feed, and by having the rocking chair in your baby nursery the child becomes accustomed to seeing it in the room and is comforted by the thought of feeding time on this special piece of furniture.

Available in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles to suit your taste and the baby room that it will occupy, these nursing rocking chairs can be designed to fit in seamlessly with your needs and lifestyle.

And for that added bit of comfort, you can add a foot stool or ottoman that complements the chair in order to put your feet up and relax during feeding or resting with baby.

Forever change the way you embrace feeding time by investing in a rocking chair that will produce moments destined to be the highlight of your day. For the best nursing rocking chairs in South Africa, there is only one place to go – Dream Furniture. Our wide range of quality nursing rocking chairs will provide you with all of the options you can possibly want or need.

Visit Dream Furniture's website and showroom for more info and a relaxation experience that will change the way you think about feeding time.

-- 10 October 2016 --

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