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Congrats! You are pregnant and excited to bring life into the world, but along with this special and wonderful blessing, come all of the considerations with regards to planning for the little one’s arrival. There are a number of important questions that you need to ask when planning the baby room and the requirements you have in terms of baby furniture.

Dream Furniture understands how difficult it can be to ensure that all the elements of preparation for the nursery or baby room are considered and planned for, which is why we provide some food for thought in the form of some important questions which need to be asked.

What colour and style of decor or design should I choose for my baby?

This is a very subjective decision, which is why at Dream Furniture we ensure that our range includes a vast selection of styles and colours to suit every parent and baby. The style and colour should suit the baby that will call the room home, which is why the gender of the baby can be important, unless you choose not to know until delivery.

While the gender will only be known at a later stage in the pregnancy, the parents can discuss and decide on what baby furniture options they will go for depending on gender, or settle on a neutral theme and colour to suit either a boy or a girl.

One theme right through always works

What baby furniture will I need?

There is need, and there is want. First, it is important to make sure that all of the important elements are planned and considered, at which point additional “nice to haves” can be added to the baby furniture plan. Every new born requires a comfortable baby cot and mattress to call his or her first bed. In addition to this, a compactum is very useful to make use of space for storage while acting as a changing table.

Then, as far as the extras are concerned, each set of parents should decide based on budget and preference what they would like to add in terms of baby furniture or decor to personalise and add value to their baby’s new room. At Dream Furniture we offer feeding chairs, wallpaper, baby linen, personalised baby names and other nursery accessories, to name a few popular options.


When should I order my baby furniture?

The earlier this is done, the better, as the mother is able to be actively involved in picking out and putting together the room and baby furniture aspects while they have energy and before they become too big to do so. We suggest that women who are expecting come through to our showroom to get an idea of the kind of baby furniture that they can purchase to set up the perfect room for their little blessing.

All of our baby furniture is hand-made in South Africa using Eco-friendly materials, and though this can take time, satisfaction is our main concern, and our clients are always very pleased with their purchases. We will help you to create your perfect baby room, and we provide a number of excellent special offers to take advantage of.

-- 23 September 2015 --

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