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We all enjoy changing things from time to time to keep things interesting, and when it comes to our homes and décor, the same idea applies.

They say that a change is as good as a holiday, and that may be true, but revamping a place entirely takes a great amount of time, effort and money. Instead, simply changing up a few things can do wonders for a nursery or baby room, and the little one will enjoy seeing some updates taking place in their favourite sanctuary.

There's nothing better than a fresh new look, after all. As parents it is your job to inspire and stimulate the growing minds of your children, and part of that mission can be accomplished right in their very own room.

Here are a few decorating ideas to help you refresh and revitalise your baby room:

Use new linen as the canvas

Is the same old linen leaving your baby room looking a little stale? The linen that you use in your baby's cot and around the baby room is an important element in how the entire room is decorated. By refreshing the linen and investing in some new linen options, the room can look entirely new for very little spent, while the new look will also keep baby stimulated.

Put your little one's name on the wall

Give your child's room a truly personal touch by using their name or nickname as part of the décor. This can be done using wooden or mosaic lettering that spells out your child's name and sticks to the wall. You can select the font, colour combination and theme, with the names carefully created for each individual requirement through these special nursery accessories. 'Champ' or 'Princess' written on the wall of your baby's room in mosaic lettering will definitely be an interesting new touch, if not their first names to help them learn how it is spelled later on.

Add a new piece of baby furniture

This idea may not be as affordable as some of the others, but nothing changes a room more than adding a piece of baby furniture to the mix. You may want to play around with layout or change the position of the cot or compactum, but by adding in a feeding chair or wardrobe, you can change the look of the entire room with one single item, while adding functionality to the nursery through added storage or a wonderful place to sit with baby.

New walls without paint

While a new coat of paint will certainly change the look of your baby room, the cost of doing so and the paint smell is enough to put you off of that particular idea. There is another option, however, and one that is growing as a nursery trend of late. Decals, stickers and borders designed specifically for use on walls, doors and furniture surfaces can breathe new life into a little one's room, with their favourite characters or your chosen theme injected into the room through a means that is easy to apply, giving your baby hours of enjoyment.

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-- 11 September 2016 --

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