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There is nothing more important when planning baby furniture than considering the safety aspects of each individual piece of furniture.

Your little one is going to be spending a great deal of time in, on or near each of the frequently used baby furniture elements such as the cot, compactum, feeding chairs and cupboards that will form part of their daily routine in their new nursery.

It is for this reason that safety features should be high on the list of priorities when purchasing baby furniture.

Here are a few of the safety features that Dream Furniture clients can count on with the expertly crafted pieces available in their showroom.

No Drop Side Cots

Cribs need to be the safest of places for your baby to rest their little heads, but drop side cribs are not safe at all. The so-called drop side cribs, where one side or both sides of the crib can be lowered to provide easier access to a baby, has been responsible for infant fatalities and injuries in the past, and these are now banned globally. Ensure that your crib is safe and built to protect your little one by purchasing it from Dream Furniture.

Distance Between The Slats

The distance between crib or cot slats must be no more than 7.5cm in order to protect kids from falling out and toddlers from trapping their heads between the slats. This is important, and each of the Dream Furniture cribs or cots adhere to this important principle.

Solid And Sturdy Build

All pieces of baby furniture are designed and built to be solid and sturdy, ensuring that the furniture will not easily fall apart or break in any way, thus creating a potential hazard for the baby who is using the cot, compactum or feeding chair on a daily basis. Dream Furniture has a reputation for build quality, with the sturdiest of items found in their showroom.

No Sharp Corners

Sharp corners can be a terrible hazard for adults, and this is even more worrisome when it comes to children. Baby furniture needs to be built without any sharp corners which could injure an inquisitive baby or toddler who seeks to explore every inch of their room – and trust us, at some point or other, that is what every toddler does.

Eco Friendly Water-Based Lead Free Paint

This is not only great for the environment, which is important, but also for mom, dad and baby. There are far too many toxins in our lives these days, and ensuring that your baby furniture is painted with lead free water-based paint makes for a healthier room in which your child can breathe.

Rocking Chairs Well Upholstered

Something that should never be taken for granted is the upholstery work on chairs and other furniture. The wonderful rocking chairs that moms can use to feed their little ones are not only supremely comfortable, but expertly upholstered, ensuring that little children cannot find any tiny holes or sharp edges on which to get their fingers stuck or hurt.


-- 08 December 2016 --

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