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Congratulations! You're pregnant, and this is a wonderful time where you prepare for the little blessing that will soon come into your lives as excited parents. Part of those preparations will be the creation of a nursery or baby room that will be an important element of your child's early life.

You will spend a great deal of time in this room, feeding, watching over your little one, changing nappies and making sure that your baby gets all of the sleep that they need. To set the room up well and make sure that you have a functional nursery that will cater for the little one, your baby furniture needs should be considered.

You will decide on which baby furniture pieces you will need, such as the cot, compactum, feeding chair and other nursery accessories, but when is the right time to order these elements that will be used daily and appreciated by you and your baby?

We suggest that you order your baby furniture by the fifth month of your pregnancy, as this will give sufficient time for the manufacture of all of the required pieces from the design to the manufacture, while also allowing extra time for delivery.

As a general guide, the manufacture of quality and unique cots, compactums, changing units or feeding chairs can take up to eight or so weeks from the confirmed order date, unless otherwise specified for special orders, and this means that you are giving yourself time to have the baby furniture delivered so that you can place it in the nursery and become comfortable with the new room in which you will spend great amounts of time going forward.

By ordering in advance you deal with the nursery early on, allowing you to tick that off your baby checklist in time to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

In addition to the fact that last minute preparations can be stressful, it is important for the new furniture odour to have sufficient time to settle, so that both you and your baby can enjoy the comfort of your new baby furniture, and the special sanctuary that you have lovingly created for your little blessing.

So with these factors in mind, we recommend sooner rather than later, and preparation rather than procrastination. You will be grateful that you handled your baby furniture needs with haste, and your baby will come home from the hospital with a lovely new finished room to enjoy.

Come through to Dream Furniture's showroom to have a look at the wonderful items you can purchase for your little one. We look forward to seeing you at our showroom.

-- 22 March 2016 --

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