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Once your little one is born, you will inevitably spend a great deal of time, especially in the beginning, changing nappies and requiring an area which you can dedicate to that specific purpose.

You baby will go through countless nappies throughout their infancy, and they are relying on you to ensure that they are taken care of and not left with a nappy that is full of number one, number two, or a combination of both.

This can feel like a tedious and repetitive task at times, even difficult to accomplish, but there are a few tips that can help to make your nappy changing area comfortable for baba and efficient for mom and dad.

Compactum is king

You will need to do your nappy changing duties on a flat comfortable surface where you will have comfortable and easy access to baby and all of the necessary products related to the task at hand. A compactum provides a fantastically functional tool in this regard, as the drawers or cupboard of the compactum can be used to store clothes, products and other baby essentials, while the top of the compactum becomes your ideal changing area.

A compactum is generally the best height for parents, allowing them to change baby without needing to bend their backs and get hurt. A compactum also provides more space around the changing mat that can be used to store (temporarily or permanently) whatever is required for the nappy change, so that mom or dad do not need to move away from baby at any time during the task.

Comfortable Baby Linen is a must

Making sure that your newborn is always swaddled with or surrounded by the most comfy baby linen is important for their warmth and tender skin. Selecting baby linen to use on the compactum or around the changing mat is crucial, as this linen needs to match the nursery while providing comfort for the baby during a nappy change. Having a few spare sets of linen to use during changing time is a plus, and can be stored neatly and conveniently in the compactum.

Shelving is always useful

Another efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to keep your baby changing area neat and tidy is to install some shelving nearby, at a height that will allow you to keep one protective hand on the baby for safety while grabbing the nappies, bum cream, wet wipes and other useful products that form part of the baby changing routine. Available in different colours and textures, your shelving can easily be purchased to match your room and other baby furniture, such as the compactum or cot.

Nursery accessories for the win

Nursery accessories can add some life to the baby changing area, with a plush toy proving to be a great distraction for baby during an experience that can sometimes be uncomfortable or cold for the little one. A themed dustbin that matches the theme of the room can be placed alongside a compactum or baby changing station, allowing parents to quickly dispose of products such as wet wipes that should be kept out of baby's unpredictable reach. A caddy, also themed to fit in with your baby room decor, can be the ideal companion to the compactum, providing those changing the baby with an easily accessible area from which cotton wool, products, surgical spirits and other essentials may be easily grasped.



-- 16 February 2017 --

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