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While date nights and moments spent together with your husband or wife are more difficult to come by when a little one is added to the picture, there are still some ways to spend time together and show love to both your partner and your children.

Being the month of love, we decided to take a closer look at a few of the activities that you can enjoy with your family while expressing your love to them.

Story time

Why not let one of your child's favourite moments be an imagination inspiring time for you and your loved one? While sitting on a comfortable feeding chair in a dimly lit nursery, think back to how you both met or a special memory that you shared and describe it to your child in a story that they will love. "Once upon a time a fairy princess met her prince in the park while walking her puppy." You get the picture. Special moments relived in storytelling that your child will enjoy will also spark those same wonderful memories and feelings in you and your partner.


Let's steal a page from North America and have weekly or daily thanksgiving prayers or statements before meals or at a special family time of your choosing. Perhaps you could use nursery accessories to represent things to be grateful for. Listing things to be thankful for gives mom and dad a chance to appreciate each other while teaching the children the value of positivity and gratitude.

Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn't love breakfast in bed, and planning things the night before can make this activity much simpler to pull off. Mom and Dad with baby in the middle wrapped up in comfortable baby linen or alongside the bed in their cot, as the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee and sumptuous bacon fill the air. One could get used to that.

Walk and Talk sessions

After a naughty bacon breakfast and a few slices of buttered toast, a healthy walk in the neighbourhood or at a local park will do you and your family wonders. Why not use the time as an opportunity to reconnect with your loved one. Or perhaps you can plan other activities together during this time. The fresh air and vitamin D will have you returning home feeling invigorated, and the time spent talking to your partner about meaningful things will solidify your relationship.

Dream Furniture wishes you and your family a wonderful Valentines Day filled with love, happiness and fun!



-- 12 February 2016 --

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