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Whether taking a look at your baby room as a blank canvas before baby arrives or redecorating a room that is already in use, the walls of a nursery should be used as a wonderful way in which to decorate the room or refresh an area that is in need of some change.

Considering the fact that the walls of a room provide more space than the floor area, it is important to not ignore the walls of your little one's nursery.

Here are a few ways in which you can use the walls of your baby room as a great décor element:

Colour For The Win

Colour is one of our favourite tools to play with in decorating or revamping a room. This fun and flexible element of the baby room can be used to set a mood and seamlessly determine the gender of the baby. The options are many, but modern trends are in pastels, whether pink, blue or neutral. Keep your baby room fresh by playing with colour and mixing it up every few years to teach your little one the value of variety and change.

Accessorise The Walls

Add some functionality and style to your baby room by putting some useful nursery accessories such as shelves, hooks or a themed coatrack on the wall, as this will have an important function while serving as décor. You can also use images of a different kind to set your nursery apart. Think embroidered canvases using images that your baby would like, such as teddy bears or other animals. Hand painted canvases also add a special touch to the room.

Character-ise The Room

The best dressed baby rooms are not necessarily the ones filled with fancy and expensive items, but the ones filled with memories and things we love. As a child, few things are closer to heart than the characters that entertain us on TV, on the iPad and in story books. Bring these characters to life in your child's room by using themed wallpaper or stickers and decals that are associated with the characters themselves. Your child will love this idea, and as their tastes in different characters, stories or television shows change, the walls can change to accommodate their tastes and likes.

Self-Expression For Little One

Encouraging your child to produce drawings and pictures based on stories they love to hear you read, or simply based on their imagination. Stoking and encouraging their creativity is a great idea, and then these images could be displayed on the walls in a particular area dedicated to their drawings or any other artistic creations. By incorporating interesting and fun frames, a mini art gallery project will be a personalised aspect of your child's room decor.

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-- 20 October 2016 --

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