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Sometimes a room can look like it needs a little something to change it up and give it a mini-facelift. A nursery or baby room is no different.

You spend a great deal of time in your baby's room, and over time it can be uplifting to change the look and feel of the room through a paint job, adding in some nursery accessories or moving baby furniture around to give the room a new structure.

One of the ways to refresh a baby room that few people consider is by using wallpaper to give it a completely new look. Wallpaper is a great way to quickly and cheaply refresh your baby room, giving you complete control over what you would like to do with the room.

The great thing about wallpaper is that it does not necessarily have to be used on all four walls of a room, as selecting a specific wall to wallpaper can create a feature wall that still changes the room in a meaningful way without deciding to change all of the walls in the nursery.

Another great thing about wallpaper in a child's room is the ability to wallpaper a specific theme into a baby room, and to change it as needed.

For example, if your little baby girl absolutely loves Disney's 'Sophia the First', she may be ecstatic at the thought of having wallpaper in her room to go with the theme, and being able to see Sophia every night before bidding the world good night. In a few years when she decides that she has outgrown Sophia, and her new favourite character is an entirely different Disney princess, you would be able to consider wallpaper options that will bring that new theme into your child's room.

If characters from television are not your preference for your baby room, wallpaper options still provide endless possibilities, with colours and even textures available to complement any décor inspiration or colour preference.

Easy to install and with a certain charm that paint simply does not produce, wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfections, while it can last up to three times as long as paint, making it cost-effective as an investment in your baby room.

The next time you are considering a change or revamp for your child's room, think about wallpaper, and take a look at the many options available via Dream Furniture, your one-stop baby furniture, cot linen and children's décor shop.



-- 9 May 2017 --

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