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August 9 is National Women's Day in South Africa. While it is a day to reflect on the importance of the 1956 march of around 20,000 women to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to petition against the country's pass laws and apartheid in general, it has also become a day where we as individuals appreciate the women in our lives.

For this reason August is commemorated as women's month, with the fairer gender shown gratitude for the important part they play in society, in communities and in the home.

At Dream Furniture we are particularly fond of women for the wonderful role they play in bringing children into the world, and the motherhood that naturally follows.

A child is given so much love by their parents, and the mother in particular, who carries the little one for nine months before continuing that nurturing love outside of the womb, feeding and ensuring the growth of the child from day one.

We thank all of the moms who put so much effort, love and care into every moment with their little ones and families in general, because it is their unconditional and unlimited love that puts a smile on baby's face each morning when they wake up.

Dream Furniture Helps Moms To Prepare The Perfect Baby Room

Dream Furniture supports moms in our own little way, providing the best quality baby furniture and accessories to ensure that mom and baby are comfortable, warm and happy in the baby room.

The pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can also be a time of stress and worry with regards to the baby room being prepared in time. But with Dream Furniture there is no need to stress or worry about your baby furniture, cot linen, feeding chairs or baby nursery décor, as the company takes care of the details and creates quality hand-made furniture pieces that all will love.

With compliance related to the highest Australian and American safety standards on the complete proudly South African baby furniture range of cots, cot beds, cribs, compactums, and cot linen, moms can be sure that baby's safety is fully considered as a priority.

Mothers who trust Dream Furniture can expect to give their baby a safe, secure and comfortable place to sleep with any of the versatile baby cribs and cots which all convert to junior beds and toddler beds, allowing moms to relax while baby sleeps.

The conversion to toddler beds means that kids can use the furniture for longer, ensuring the best value for money for moms and dads. With all of these wonderful considerations in mind, moms can trust Dream Furniture to be a partner in preparing the ideal baby room.

Come through to Dream Furniture's showroom to have a look at the wonderful items that are available for your little one. Happy Women's Day from Dream Furniture!

-- 9 August 2016 --

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