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As a parent, your most important duty is to keep your child safe and out of harm's way, which is way cot safety is of paramount importance, with this particular piece of baby furniture tending to be the place in which your little one will be spending the vast majority of his or her time early on in life.

At Dream Furniture we sell baby furniture that is safe, because it is designed with the children that will use it in mind. It is still important to note a few key safety tips and features when planning and putting together the cot that will be used in your nursery or baby room.

Cot Specs: There are certain aspects of the cot's specifications that are in place to ensure the highest levels of safety for baby. The cot must not have drop sides on it, in accordance with USA safety compliance, while there should be adjustable base levels to avoid back issues. The cot itself must be solid, and should have at least 32mm thick rails, and the distance between the side rails must not be greater than 7.5cm.

Materials Used: Another important consideration is finding out about the materials and paints that were used to construct the cot, as these have an obvious impact on your child in terms of their health and well-being. Dream Furniture use only Eco safe products to manufacture furniture, and this is very important for the safety and general health of the baby, while Dream Furniture make use of water based, lead free, non-toxic paint for all baby furniture that is painted.

Avoid Sharp Edges: Pointed corners and sharp edges are hazards and a potential injury waiting to happen, which is why baby furniture should be made to ensure that blunt edges are the order of the day, ensuring that the cot cannot hurt the babies or toddlers using them. Kids are little explorers, and their hands will eventually find any sharp edge, so make sure there are none for them to hurt themselves with.

Make Use Of Safety Features: There is little point to investing in a baby furniture piece that has additional safety features and then not using them. For example, if your cot is has an adjustable mattress base, set it at the lowest point as soon as your baby can sit up, as this is what it is for. Remember to put the drop-side up when your baby is sleeping, if this is adjustable, to ensure the safety of your little one.

Consider Mattress Safety: Part of cot safety is ensuring that the mattress you use in the cot is safe for baby. Make sure the mattress is firm and well fitting, and there is no more than a 25mm gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends. Do not add extra cushioning to the mattress. Mattress protectors need to be strong and fit the mattress firmly. And by no means should you use an inflatable mattress, as these are not safe.

Inside The Cot: As far as what goes in the cot, less is more when it comes to safety. Swaddling is important for newborn babies as wondering hands can grab blankets or cushions and create suffocation hazards. Use a flat baby pillow and blankets to keep the little one warm, but no toys or extras that could potentially be used by the little one as a means of climbing out of the cot or causing minor injury to him or herself.

At Dream Furniture you can count on us, as we take your child's safety very seriously, which is why we have taken all of the above into consideration when creating handmade and exclusive pieces of baby furniture for you and your children to enjoy. You will therefore have the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your child's cot was made with safety in mind.


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