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First of all, congratulations, and all the best with your pregnancy! It is a very special time for bonding to begin with you and your baby, but the real bonding with soon come when your little miracle is born and requires you to feed him and her more often than you realise.

While you are planning all of the essential items and baby furniture, as well as all of the d├ęcor that will give character and life to your child's new room, allow us to suggest one piece of baby furniture that is all too often ignored or underappreciated.

A rocking chair to use when feeding will be the best investment you ever made in the first months of a newborn's life. Just as useful and important as a cot and compactum in our opinion, the rocker feeding chair offers comfort and practicality like no other place in which to spend time feeding baba.

When parents are sleep deprived and lacking energy in the early stages of breast or bottle-feeding, the rocking chair is a God-send.

The comfort it provides for both parent and baby is sublime, while it allows the baby to be peacefully rocked to sleep, which is another phenomenal benefit that will be fully appreciated when the little one is fighting against falling asleep. The rocking motion facilitated by the chair helps in keeping baby calm and preparing them for bed.

Spending time feeding, cuddling and sleeping on mom and dad on a rocker chair also provides for incredible bonding time with the little one, as they will experience skin contact and feel the beating heart of their parents while in a comfortable and calm state, which is ideal.

Rocking is also great for mom's health, because women who have had caesarean sections recover faster if they spend time in the rocking chair, experiencing less gas pains, walking faster, and leaving the hospital earlier than if they had not rocked.

Add an ottoman to put your feet on and comfort is guaranteed, while a nursing pillow added to that combination will make for hours of pain-free and comfortable feeding of baby, so that your little one can grow strong and healthy with a solid bond nurtured between parents and child.

With patterns and fabrics designed to suit every baby room, we have a wide range of quality rocker chairs that will soon become a family favourite for both parents and baby. Visit Dream Furniture's website and showroom to experience the beauty of baby and kids furniture.

-- 21 March 2017 --




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