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As one of the main focus points in terms of baby furniture, the baby crib or cot needs to be considered with care. This item will be used a great deal when your newborn comes into the world, as they will be sleeping in the crib for many hours during the day and night.

This time spent asleep is crucial for baby, as this is when they grow and solidify the learning that they did during the moments in which they were awake. The crib needs to be comfortable, solid and safe.

Dream Furniture cribs and cots are incredibly safe and comfortable, but some babies need a little help to get the most out of their sleep, allowing you as parents to get maximum value out of your child's cot or crib, while also providing time for you to get some much needed rest when they are sleeping.

With that in mind, here are a few effective ways to help get your baby to sleep in their new crib.

Start a sleep routine

Babies need routines to train them for what they need to do, and sleep time routines are amongst the most important. As you prepare to put your little one to bed, start with a series of tasks and repeat them daily. Draw the curtains or dim the lights, speak softly and complete your night time routine. Perhaps you could play a certain tune or type of music softly in the background or give your baby a short hand or foot massage to prepare them for sleep. It will take some time for him or her to get used to the schedule, but they will eventually associate it with the sleeping time and it will help them to sleep better in the cot or crib.

Sleep with your baby's blanket

Baby knows mommy's smell from feeding and being held, and it is in these moments that baby is calm. By sleeping with your baby's blanket, your natural smell will transfer onto the blanket. When your baby then uses the blanket, they will smell you and be more calm as a result, allowing them to sleep more soundly due to them being calm and feeling safe.

Get in a good feed before bed

Whether breastfeeding or feeding by the bottle, the last feed that your child gets before bed is the most important in getting them to rest comfortably and quietly for as long as possible. Ask your paediatrician or doctor about how much your little one should be eating at feeding time, and do your best to get baby to eat well just before bed, so that they can enjoy the comfort of their crib for maximum time.

Nap in the crib and keep it nearby

By positioning the cot nearby mom and dad's bed, you will be able to keep a close eye on your little one, at least in the first few months when they are still in the same room as you. This makes it easy for you to comfort and feed the baby at night. If your baby is less than a year old, it needs around 12-16 hours of sleep per day. Daytime naps provide a great opportunity for baby to get used to sleeping in their crib or cot. Sleeping in the cot during daytime will eventually help your child to settle in the cot at night.


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