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One of the first things to consider when planning and putting together a baby room is the space that you have to work with. One often finds that there doesn't seem to be enough space within a selected area or room for all of the things you need or would like to include in a nursery.

It can be frustrating to feel as though a baby room or nursery is too limited in terms of the available space, and all of the requirements that the room will have, including plenty storage, space to decorate the room, a changing area and a comfortable sleeping area.

But while the available space can be limiting as far as the ability to fit everything you need in the nursery, using a few smart tactics and decorative ideas can make the most of even the smallest area.

Here are a few great ideas to help you maximise space in a small baby room.


Make Use Of Corners: The key to having lots of interesting and functional bits and pieces in a nursery is to use the space wisely and not make a room look cramped, but rather well defined. The illusion of space is given when you use corner space in a smart way by placing baby furniture such as compactums in corners in order to make the most of space that is often wasted by ignoring it and leaving it empty.

Being Smart With Storage: Thinking about storage from the beginning is an important way to plan and ensure plenty of storage space without needing to use the entire room to do so. Make sure that the main pieces of baby furniture such as the cot, compactum and feeding chair remain the central focus of the room, with all other elements used to compliment them. Clever storage becomes important in this regard, as areas such as under cots and above cupboards provide additional places to store your baby necessities without requiring extra bits and pieces that make your room look too cramped.

Vertical Space Makes A Small Room Bigger: Instead of using floor space, which is always limited and sure to make a room like cramped when overused, why not use the height space to get additional value in your nursery? Tall, thin cupboards or wall shelves are a great idea, as they provide the functional storage space you need, without losing the room to wide baby furniture. Just remember to secure tall furniture to a wall with a bracket, as these can be serious safety hazards for your little one if not properly secured.

Wall Is The New Floor: Ensuring that a small baby room does not appear small and gives the user all of the necessary elements expected of a nursery means making the most of wall space. Walls are perfect places to add shelving and other nursery accessories which convert the wall into a functional part of the baby room, as shelves and hooks provide storage and easy access to frequently used items, which can be hung up or placed on the shelves. Making great use of the wall means you will have plenty of display area available for decor elements and other important items in your child's room.

Functional Baby Furniture: Multi-functional furniture not only saves space, but money too, especially in the long run. Buying changing tables or compactums with drawers or built-in shelves makes great sense as it covers all of the bases. Find baby furniture that allows you to store items under longer legs, on top of cupboards or in smart storage elements of furniture that would otherwise by wasted. Storage options that double as seating, such as a toybox, can be the ideal element to give your little nursery big functionality.

-- 18 April 2018 --



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