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Nothing compares to the feeling of sitting down in a comfortable rocking chair to spend quality time with your little one and take a load off tired feet at feeding time.

Many people do not consider the feeding chair as one of the most important parts of the baby room prep, but the simple fact is that few pieces of baby furniture will offer the comfort and practicality that a rocker chair does.

Your baby will spend a great deal of time feeding, cuddling and sleeping, and all of these delightful bonding activities will be enjoyed with the utmost comfort and luxury in a rocker chair that also aids in keeping baby calm and preparing the little one for sleep time.

Long and frequent feeding sessions demand something comfortable for mom and dad, and a rocker feeding chair ticks all of the boxes as the centre of the baby room and a place where you will be spending a great deal of time as a parent.

Why not ensure that mom and dad enjoy the quiet moments with baby in the same comfort that you are offering your little one by investing in a rocker chair?

Dream Furniture stocks a variety of these popular feeding chairs, and fathers or fathers-to-be looking for the perfect gift for tired (or soon to be tired) moms should look no further than this stunning piece of functional furniture.

It just so happens that if you act fast, you can benefit from a special promotional offer through Dream Furniture that lasts until the end of the month, with a Dream Rocker and Ottoman special for the low price of R4,700 - with free scotch guard and slip covers worth R530 thrown in to sweeten this amazing deal!

As a cocoon that comes in a variety of colours and styles, the rocker chair provides a wonderful place in which parents are able to bond with their children. The chair is also known for its ability to calm the spirit, soothe a stressed body and focus the mind.

The benefits for mom go well beyond de-stressing and bonding, with general healing after pregnancy enhanced with the rocking of these wonderful chairs. Women who have caesarean sections show a faster recovery if they spend time rocking in the chair, experiencing less pain, walking faster, and leaving the hospital sooner than non-rocking mothers.

So while the other baby furniture pieces are fundamental for baby in one way or another, the rocker chair is a little slice of luxury that will no doubt become the most loved part of the baby room for both parents as well as the baby, with all concerned likely to look forward to the special time spent rocking in the feeding chair.

-- 14 August 2017 --




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