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We all want the best for our children, and what could be better than fun and engaging toys that kids love which also promote their healthy growth and development? We have the perfect sensory toys that match that description, with our PLAYGYM DANGLE FELT TOYS and BABY SENSORY BEADS FOR PLAYGYM that children absolutely adore.

There is something magical and wonderous about our Dangle Felt Toy range, which add a special feeling to any area in which your child spends a great deal of their time.

It is a wonderful idea to be able to decorate your child's room with decor that suits their personality while ensuring that they have plenty to look at, play with and keep them entertained.

The Dangle Felts Range and Sensory Beads for Playgyms are now available through the Dream Furniture website.For the moment, purchases of these amazing sensory toys can be made via phone or in store.

Our Felt Toys awaken all of the senses, providing tactile development opportunities for growing little ones with wondering minds that are itching to learn about the world around them. Your child will love to hear, touch and see their Dingle Dangle toys - providing a great deal of fun for your growing baby.

As your baby gets bigger, he or she will use his hands and feet to interact with the bright and colourful Dangle Fets. These stimulation toys are perfect for sensory development, and are sure to be a favourite for your child.

Whether you choose to dangle them above your child in their cot, out of reach on a wall or above their heads to distract them at nappy-changing time, these little gems are a wonderful addition to your son or daughter's little world of learning and growing.

Endless joy in beautiful light and frilly fun textures and tones for the whole family to enjoy, your baby is sure to be enthralled with their new sensory toys.

Our Sensory Beads range is available in a variety of styles and colours to ensure that you can match your delightful new nursery accessory addition to your baby room, whether you have a little girl or boy.

Your child will love the colours, textures and characters that these little decor wonders bring to their room, and imaginitive moms and dads will no doubt find plenty of motivation for stories by simply glancing up at the Dingle Dangle characters, enabling you to bring them to life in a magical story-telling way that will excite and entertain your child.

More fantastic products within the range include the Sensory Toy can be seen through our navigation. We also have a custom range where you choose your colour,

Come see the baby furniture and decor options available at our showroom or visit our new website at Dream Furniture to find out more about the sensory toys that will stimulate your child's development.

-- 15 January 2018 --




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