Rockers & Chairs

“Hi Jacquie. Thank you for arranging my chair so quickly. It arrived this past Tuesday. I had been breastfeeding in bed and on a couch so transitioning to the chair made a huge difference! It’s super comfortable, at just the right angle and height and the foot stool is super useful, even for visitors to sit on if need be. Thanks for assisting with the material and colour choices, it works perfectly in our room.” – Jess Longe

A Rocking Chair has become somewhat of an essential in any nursery. You will spend a considerable amount of time feeding and soothing your bundle of joy, you might as well be comfortable when doing so.

Designed with Moms in mind, our Rocking Chairs offer lumbar support to keep you comfy and relaxed. The classic breastfeeding position requires you to cradle your baby’s head with the crook of your arm, which is the reason our Rocking Chairs feature supportive armrests. Paired with a matching ottoman to rest your feet on, you will appreciate some time to rest with your little one.

We offer both Rocking and Non-Rocking Chairs depending on your personal preference. Our Rocking Chairs offer a subtle to gentle rock so you can soothe your baby after feeding time or when unsettled. You can also choose to sit still when feeding your baby.