Add These Baby Comfort Essentials To Your Shopping Cart
Keep your child entertained and comfortable with these wonderful new products.

Quality Cots For Your Little One
Your baby deserves the highest standards of quality and safety.

A Great Investment - The Sleigh Cot Converter To ¾ Bed
A cot that converts into a bigger bed is certainly a great long-term investment.

Festive Season Wishes And All The Best For 2019
Christmas is around the corner and the festive season is well under way.

Add A New Piece Of Furniture To Your Child's Room
Here are a few new furniture options that would not look out of place in your child's room.

Set Up The Perfect Baby Changing Area
Here are a few tips to make your nappy-changing area comfortable for baby and efficient for mom and dad.

Save Money With Baby Furniture Combos That Make Sense
Everyone loves a great saving, and with baby furniture combos you can benefit on many levels.

I'm Pregnant! When Do I Order My Baby Furniture?
Now that you know you are pregnant, it is time to start planning your baby's room.

Children's Furniture Basics – What Do They Need?
Here are a few children's furniture options that your son or daughter will appreciate in their room.

Dream Furniture Launches New Online Store
Your trusted provider of world-class baby and children’s furniture and accessories at affordable prices, just raised the bar for its customers across South Africa with the launch of a new online store.

Keep Your Little One Snug As A Bug With Baby Linen
Invest in quality baby linen for your child to remain comfortable, happy and healthy in the colder weather.

Maximising Space In A Small Baby Room
Here are a few great ideas that will help you maximise space in a small baby room.

The Baby Furniture Cheat Sheet - Some Tips To Keep In Mind
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing the baby room ahead of your child's arrival.

Baby Furniture Basics - What Will You Need?
Providing for your child's needs is part of being a parent, and baby furniture is an important early consideration.

Amazing Sensory Toys For Your Baby's Development
Your child's development at an early stage in his or her life can benefit from the right kind of sensory toys.

Room In A Box - The Ultimate Investment
Dream Furniture's room in a box concept is a fantastic investment, as it means purchasing quality at a great price.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby And Parents
Here are a few gift ideas for newborn babies, expecting parents or those spoiling their little ones this festive season.

Cot Safety Tips For Your Newborn
It's important to keep in mind some basic safety information when preparing your new baby's cot.

Baby Furniture Essentials For A Perfect Nursery
It's important to ensure that your child's baby furniture needs are catered to before they arrive in the world.

A Rocker Feeding Chair Will Become Your Favourite Piece Of Furniture
Nothing compares to the feeling of sitting in a rocking chair to spend quality time with your baby.

New Baby Room Must-Have - Dingle Dangle Heartfelt Sets
We have something special and new that will keep your little one entertained and occupied for hours.

Boy Or Girl? Gender Neutral Ideas For Your Baby Room
Some guidelines for you to ensure that your little one has a beautiful room, regardless of gender.

New Trend For Your Nursery - A Feature Wall
Perhaps looking at one of the most popular trends of the day will inspire you - the feature wall.

Spoil Your Little One With Wonderful Nursery Accessories
Spoil your little one with these wonderful nursery accessory gift ideas that fit any occasion.

Get The Most Out Of Your Baby Crib Early On
Here are a few effective ways to help get your baby to sleep comfortably in their new crib.

New Mom To Be? Trust Us, Get A Rocking Chair
Allow us to suggest one piece of baby furniture that is all too often ignored or underappreciated.