Bet you are wondering now what is this and how does it compare to the other separate cots and compactums? This concept allows for a long term investment allowing your baby to use this as a complete single bed set later. However the thing to consider is whether your nursery is large enough to accommodate this large full size unit which will remain as is until dismantled into the single bed, side tables and wall shelves, or do you prefer to divide up your space with separate units? The other important thing to consider is if this is your first baby and you plan to have another, you may prefer individual cot and compactum sets as you will likely require the cot for another baby so you will still need to purchase a bed for the first baby.
• Proudly South African manufactured.
• Proudly South African manufactured – A leader in baby furniture.
• Available in a variety of colours and drawer designs.


R 13390.00

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