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Boho Rainbows in Pink Nest


Order Time: 3 weeks
Dimensions: Approx. 61 x 100 cm
Payment Options: 50% Deposit | In Full | Lay-by | MobiCred

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Dream Baby Nests give your baby a cosy and a comforting place to sleep. Your baby sleeps calmer and so do the parents. Use your Baby Nest as a co-sleeper between the parents or when your baby is sleeping in his/her cot or pram. The Baby Nests soft edges are designed so you still keep eye contact with your baby when lying next to them. Edges are also soft enough to lay down on when breastfeeding if needed. Your Dream Baby Nest is perfect to bring along on holiday so your baby feels at home even when you are away.
Washing Instructions: Remove the mattress before placing your nest (and mattress) into the washing machine.
*Fabric prints and colours may vary slightly
SAFETY: Always place your Baby Nest at adult head level when co-sleeping. Place your baby on its back. Untie the strings and place them under the mattress. The string lock must always be at the Baby Nest foot end.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 15 cm

Product Properties


Approx. 61 x 100 cm

Order Time

3 weeks

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