Decorative Names

Have you already picked a name for your bundle of joy on the way? Why not get their name customised to add to your nursery? If you are waiting to meet them before choosing a name, this is an easy item to add to a room later on. You can select a theme or opt for a plain, glitter or October twilight option. Our letters are approximately 15cm x 15cm but will vary depending on each individual letter.

Decorative Flowers

Feature walls have been trendy for quite some time. A feature wall can be achieved by simply painting it a different colour to the rest of the room, applying wallpaper or decals or adding décor items. Our decorative paper flowers sure do make quite the statement on a feature wall.

Plush Toys

Your child will own many plush toys as they age, why not start with an adorable hand-crafted plush toy from Dream Furniture! All our toys are made from 100% cotton fabric to ensure they are safe for your little one. Pick your preferred animal and your colour spectrum or opt to match the plush toy to your Dream Furniture linen.

Canvas Sets

Sold as a set of three, our handmade canvas options can be hung together vertically or horizontally. You can even place the three canvases in different spots in your child’s room. Simply select your colour spectrum and whether you would prefer a square or oblong shape.