Wall shelves are an invaluable addition to any nursery or child’s bedroom, offering you space to store books, photos and decorative pieces. We have shelves in a variety of sizes and designs to best suit your space.

Freestanding Storage

“Thank you so much. Everyone is asking about your furniture. Everything about it is so perfect. We appreciate your good service. Thank you so much.” – Christopher Seleke Tshwene

Our freestanding range of furniture includes floor shelving and wardrobes. Parents know best how important storage space can be, with our freestanding furniture options you will maximise your storage space in your nursery or child’s bedroom. Floor shelving, such as bookshelves or standing shelves, are a great option for toddlers as they can reach their belongings without climbing. Ideal for packing easy to reach puzzles and games.

Storage Trolleys

Before and after the arrival of your baby, you will collect a variety of essential items. You will need space to keep all of these items throughout the growing stages of your child. Dream Furniture offers a variety of storage trolleys to ensure you maximise your space and have enough storage to keep all your goodies. Our trolleys are on wheels, making it easy to move this item around the house. Like many items in our range, trolleys can make great storage units for other spaces in the home allowing maximum longevity.

Toy Boxes

You will purchase a variety of children’s toys as your child grows. Every trip to the shop means an opportunity for a new toy. Your child will need a space to store all of their toys, a toy box is the perfect solution. With drawer options or lids, you will find your ideal toy box at Dream Furniture