New Trend For Your Nursery – A Feature Wall

So you’re standing in your baby room and wondering what you can do that will require minimum investment but will have maximum effect.

Perhaps looking at one of the most popular trends of the day will help to inspire you, with the feature wall.

A feature wall is basically created when you pick a wall in the room and paint it a different colour, wallpaper it with a bold pattern or use some other design elements to set it apart from the other walls in the room, thereby creating a feature.

Feature walls are most often used when the rest of the room is decorated with a fairly neutral colour, and this may be the case with your baby room. You can decide how exactly you will set one wall apart from the rest in a special way, but here are a few ideas for you to consider.

You can create a feature wall by using shelves and nursery accessories to set your nursery apart. Think embroidered canvases using images that your baby would like, such as teddy bears or other animals. Hand painted canvases also add a special touch to the room, and can be used to define a feature wall or feature space. If colour is your tool of choice, simply keep the walls neutral and select one wall to receive a vibrant coat of paint that reflects your child’s personality.

Another wonderful way to create a feature wall is to make it a wall of memories. Gather a number of your favourite family photos and even personalised art, and then get some lovely frames to put them in. That way you can keep all of the special memories together in one special place, your new baby room feature wall.

As children, few things are closer to their hearts than the characters that entertain them on TV, on the iPad and in story books. Bring these characters to life in your child’s room by using themed wallpaper or stickers and decals that are associated with the characters themselves in the creation of a feature wall. By wallpapering only one wall and keeping the others a neutral colour, your wallpapered wall automatically becomes a feature.

Or perhaps you can give your baby room some personal character by getting your little one involved in producing the feature wall, by using their artwork as a major focus of the wall. Encourage your child to produce artwork, drawings or even simple hand and foot prints that can be hung up on the wall as a celebration of creativity and a way to inspire your child to be creative.

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