Furniture Items For Your Child’s Room

Your child loves their room. It is a place of refuge, rest and play, and a room in your home that is all their own. This sentiment is something to be encouraged and celebrated, not only as a means to get your child to contribute in keeping their room clean and tidy, but also to promote a sense of belonging and happiness.

A room can sometimes feel like it is missing something important or special, whether from a functional standpoint or just purely from a perspective of wanting to add a new element or two to change the room up and give it a fresh new feeling.

As children grow up they may need furniture or storage options that they didn’t necessarily require when they were babies, and these additions to the room can be a great way to encourage specific behaviour such as studying, reading or tidying up.

Here are a few ideas for new elements that you can add to your child’s room.

Toy Storage Units

As your baby matures and develops into a running, jumping and playing toddler, their need for stimulation, toys and educational items grows, and there will no doubt be an increased need for storage options to keep all of those wonderful toys close at hand. This is where a toy storage unit that can double up as a bench or table is ideal, and can be used to encourage play time and learning in your child’s room. These type of furniture pieces can combine beauty and multi-functionality, making incredibly good use of a small amount of space.

Side Tables

Staying on the topic of toy storage, but maturing the room and showing those who visit your home that your child is growing up and becoming a little boy or girl, a side table that is designed to store toys while providing the perfect tabletop space for books or other items next to the bed is a great addition to any room. Perfectly walking the line between toy box and side table is this side table with two drawers, and a toy box opening on top.

Dressing Tables

As a girl, having a dressing table in your room is something of a right of passage, and a beautiful way in which little girls and their moms can bond. Adding a new dressing table to a child’s room adds a focal point to the room at a time when your child may be discovering makeup and having fun styling their hair in different ways. A simple, sturdy and beautiful dressing table complete with mirror can be all that one needs to refresh a room.

Freestanding Wardrobes

The older your child gets, the more storage space they will need for their clothes, toys, gadgets and other stuff. It is up to parents to decide when their children require more storage space, but when that time comes, a freestanding wardrobe takes advantage of maximum vertical space within the child’s room, allowing for privacy and storage in abundance. Wardrobes can be designed to incorporate adjustable shelving, hanging rails and drawers, depending on preference and need, or a more out of the box design of storage unit could be more suited to your child’s personality and likes.


Last but not least, a desk may be the perfect addition to your child’s room, especially if they are now in school and homework is becoming a daily task. Desks within the bedroom help to encourage learning, reading and creativity, while giving your child a clean and organised surface upon which to create their projects or complete their homework.

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