The Sleigh Converter Cot To ¾ Bed

Raising children is rewarding and fulfilling on many levels, but it is also incredibly expensive. That is why finding a great long-term investment like a convertible cot that turns into a bed is such a win. The Sleigh Cot Converter to 3/4 Bed is the ideal cot for parents who want to maximise the use and life of their child’s main source of sleep and rest – the cot.

This ingenious piece of baby furniture is designed to be used throughout your child’s early years, ensuring comfort and rest through the growth of your little one from new-born, to toddler and even to a young child.

The convertible crib will last long after your child’s infancy and toddler years, transforming conveniently from a baby crib, to a toddler bed, to a 3/4 bed.

This is therefore very cost-effective for parents, as it is effectively taking care of the sleeping needs of your little one for many years to come, rather than having to invest in a variety of beds or furniture options as your child grows up.

The Sleigh Cot Converter to 3/4 Bed option in particular, is proving to be popular with parents and children, as they see the value of purchasing a comfortable cot now that their baby will enjoy for the next year or two, before the design allows for it to convert into a piece of furniture that their child can use for many years as they grow up, even into their teenage years.

It is not often that you can buy one bed that will last for 10-15 years, but with our Sleigh 3/4 cot to bed, that is exactly what you get.

Once the bed is converted it includes storage space in the form of a side table with drawers that is an invaluable addition to a child’s room.

The video above shows how the cot is set up for your child when they are new-born or still a baby. The image below shows the converted option, with the cot taken apart and put back together with ease to be used as a bed for the little one that needs more space when sleeping, and can then be used until they are much older.

The Sleigh 3/4 cot to bed is handcrafted from the finest wood, and finished in lead free water based finishes of your choice. The side rails can remain fixed to act as guard rails until you are confident that your little one won’t roll out of the bed, ensuring complete peace of mind. Versatile and designed to last for an extended time, this quality piece of furniture is a popular option on the Dream Furniture website.

Available in various wood colours in the measurements of 115cm length, 93cm width and 103cm height (headboard), this item takes approximately 6-8 weeks to produce from the time that it is ordered.

Visit Dream Furniture’s showroom or our e-commerce enabled website to find and purchase the ideal cot for your child, and consider the convertible options that have been designed to give you true value for money as a long-term investment.