Baby Furniture Basics – What Will You Need?

As a parent, or an expectant parent, your job is to take good care of the new life that will become your responsibility. You will need to look after your child and provide for all of his or her needs.

This can be daunting, and sometimes it is not clear where one should start in terms of preparation, but we believe that beginning at home and ensuring that your child has all of their baby furniture needs taken care of is a great starting point.

Your little one will spend a great deal of time in their room, alongside caring parents, for much of their early life, and making this part of their world as comfortable as possible will enable your child to enjoy their room to the fullest.

The baby furniture requirements of a nursery can be determined by looking at your baby’s day to day needs, so take some time to carefully consider the needs of your newborn, and make sure that you have the following pieces of baby furniture sorted out before you take your new addition to the family back from the hospital.

The Cot

Other than eating and giving you reason to buy countless nappies, your baby will be spending a great deal of their time sleeping and resting in order to promote healthy growth. Having a comfortable and safe cot and cot mattress is priority number one. Invest in a cot that will provide your child with comfort, while taking the future into consideration, as some cots can be expanded or converted into a couch or even a mini-bed for use later on.

When planning the cot and how it will fit into your baby room, remember to also purchase the necessary linen to make your child’s new bed comfortable and warm, while conforming to the decor and design elements that you want to stand out in your baby room. There are so many options available with various themes and colours, and it is fun to choose linen options as part of your preparations.

Feeding Chair

Every new parent soon learns that a growing baby is a hungry baby, so feeding time becomes one of the most important periods of the day. Having a comfortable place for baby to feed is an important consideration for the little one and the parents too, as a great deal of time will be spent in the act of feeding. A plush and comfortable feeding chair becomes a favourite spot for all involved, and is definitely a piece of baby furniture that is worth the investment.

For a little extra comfort and luxury, we suggest purchasing a rocker chair which will make spending quality time with your child even more of a wonderful experience. Few pieces of baby furniture will offer the comfort and practicality that a rocker chair does.


Nappy changing is a fundamental part of a baby’s early life, and having a place in the nursery that is dedicated to this activity can make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. A compactum or a changing table provides parents with the nappy changing area in a functional piece of furniture which will also assist with storage requirements. The compactum must be safe and comfortable for your wriggling bundle of joy, as they will often twist and turn at nappy-changing time as they begin to grow up, and having an area specifically designed for this purpose is a must.

This baby furniture can serve a dual purpose, as the compactum allows for storage under the nappy changing area. This will no doubt prove to be very useful, as one thing all parents agree on is the fact that extra storage space with a little one is a blessing. Furniture such as a compactum, wardrobe and shelving will allow for seamless storage in an area that will give parents easy access to important baby items that are required in the nursery.

Dream Furniture provides a comprehensive product range that includes all of the above and so much more, with many options at the disposal of parents looking to set up the perfect baby room. Come down to our showroom to take a peak at our products, or see our website, which will soon provide users with e-commerce functionality for easy online shopping.