Baby Furniture Essentials For A Perfect Nursery

There is no more exciting and uplifting time than when a couple realises that they are going to bring a new life into the world. So many emotions are experienced during this time, and it is important to appreciate the blessing of have children, but it is also crucial to begin preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

One of the elements that needs to be considered is the baby room prep, and of course, ensuring that the baby furniture needs of your child are catered for before they arrive in the world.

When considering which pieces of baby furniture your nursery will require, you need to imagine a typical day in the life of mom, dad and baby, before mentally picturing which baby furniture elements will be used often and therefore fundamental to your new baby room.

So take some time to carefully consider the needs of your newborn, and make sure that your little blessing has all of the pieces of furniture required for a happy life and a baby room fit for a tiny prince or princess.

Here are a few of the activities that you should consider:


Your newborn will keep you up at night for many of the first weeks of his or her life, but they will also spend a massive chunk of time, especially early on, sleeping. Your baby’s cot and cot mattress needs to be one of the first considerations made, as the comfort and safety of baby when sleeping is the highest priority. Countless cot designs are out available through Dream Furniture, and depending on the decor and theme of the nursery, baby linen options are available to maintain high levels of comfort while decorating your child’s new room in an attractive way.

Feeding Chair

One of the most important and frequent activities that any new parent will undertake, involves feeding your little one. Whether breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or giving your growing baby solids later on, feeding time is a special time to bond, and having a comfortable place for baby to feed is a wonderful bonus for the little one and the parents too. A plush and comfortable feeding chair is a favourite spot for all involved, and is definitely a piece of baby furniture that is worth the investment. Rocker feeding chairs gives a tranquil motion to calm all involved, helping to guide your child towards a good night’s sleep.


Nappy changing is a fundamental part of a baby’s life in the first months and years, which is why a dedicated nappy-changing station in your child’s nursery can make the whole process easier and more enjoyable for all concerned. It can also become a crucial element of a routine for baby, which will help with things like sleeping. A compactum or a changing table provides parents with the nappy-changing area without sacrificing space unnecessarily. This fantastic piece of baby furniture serves a dual purpose as the compactum allows for storage under the nappy-changing area.

Cupboards and Shelves

Storage is unbelievably useful and in demand when little ones come along, with so many extra clothes, toys and other gadgets now needing to be organised and stored in the baby room or nearby. So having beautiful baby furniture that is functional and practical is a huge plus. Furniture such as a compactum, cupboards and shelving will allow for seamless storage in an area that will give parents easy access to important baby items that are required in the nursery. This is yet another good investment ahead of the arrival of your newborn.