The Baby Furniture Cheat Sheet – Some Great Tips To Keep In Mind

It can be incredibly overwhelming to prepare and carry out all of your baby nursery planning ahead of the arrival of your little one, with so many things to think about, decide and do.

Despite the long list of things to accomplish, you will get it done, and Dream Furniture is here to assist with a few tips that may come in handy. From where to put the compactum to what may be in short supply (in addition to sleep) when your baby is enjoying his or her new home, these are all useful baby furniture considerations that can be made and acted upon in advance of your baby’s birth.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing the baby room ahead of your child’s arrival.

Plan With Your Compactum In Mind

A compactum that serves as both the changing table and storage area is a great idea, but it is important to make sure that all of the main elements that you will need for baby should be kept within easy reach. You will spend a great deal of time changing the little one, which requires access to products, fresh linen, new clothes, nappies and tons of wet wipes. Place the compactum in a central location that is easy and convenient to get to at night, allowing you to place other important items within reach of the central compactum.

There Is Never Enough Storage

Storage will be a fundamental issue in your baby room, and having enough baby furniture that can be used for storage purposes is necessary. The great thing about a compactum is that it doubles up as a perfect storage element. By installing shelves on the walls of your baby room, you can make use of the space that would otherwise go to waste.

In addition to shelves, walls are perfect places to consider nursery accessories such as hooks, especially for clothing or play items which are frequently used in your little one’s daily routine. Tall cupboards can also be a good idea, as they provide the storage you need, without compromising width space in your baby’s room. It is important to remember that tall furniture needs to be secured to a wall with a bracket.

Consider A Theme For Your Little One

Many people don’t really give this aspect much thought, and those that do often think about it too late. Once you are pregnant, begin considering how you would want to decorate your baby’s room, and what that decor will say about your child or instil in them. A travel theme may communicate a sense of adventure, while a theme centred around sport and play may instil an appreciation for exercise and sports. Once you have a piece or two that you wish to build your theme around, consider nursery accessories, themed wallpaper or decals that could bring together the theme with ease.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

This tip is something to digest in preparation for your little one’s arrival, and to keep in mind when they are enjoying their wonderful room. Change is a good thing, and should not be feared. I’m not saying that you should have a new theme every month or throw out toys or linen every five minutes, but adding new nursery accessories from time to time will keep things interesting for your child and yourself, while shifting from one theme to another as your baby grows up or shows a particular interest in a certain subject or character is a wonderful way to excite your child, keeping them stimulated and happy.