Gifting Nursery Accessories

Finding the perfect gift for a specific occasion, whether its a birthday, christening, Christmas or anything else, can be a stressful and time-consuming task. When it comes to gifting for children, you want to find wonderful presents that they will love, that are useful and that will last.

As a parent, we know you work hard to provide the best for your child and give them special gifts that show you love and care for them. And when buying gifts for children of family or friends, you want to impress them with your super gift-giving ability.

Nursery accessories provide the perfect gifts for any occasion, and Dream Furniture carefully selects the best quality, unique and versatile nursery accessories that last a lifetime and add character to any child’s room.

It is, after all, the little details that give a baby’s nursery a unique feel so that the child can enjoy their room and experience their own piece of home within their home. Here are a few ideas for nursery accessories that make excellent gifts.

Personalised Baby Names

Personalising gifts is always a sure-fire way to impress and make your gift memorable. Personalised baby names that can be hung in the baby room or attached to the door really make an impression. Available in all kinds of colours and designs to suit any style or decor preference, these personalised baby names are very popular as gifts for both newborn babies and children who are beginning to read.

New Baby Linen

If you are looking for a gift that is both practical and comforting for baby, some fresh baby linen or a baby linen bundle will be a delightful present for your baby and the nursery. Sleeping or resting in linen that is luxuriously soft and kind to baby’s skin is a wonderful thing, and considering this when purchasing the linen makes it a truly thoughtful gift.

A Mobile

Installing a mobile in a child’s room is magical as the wonderful movement of the characters or shapes on the mobile above the baby’s crib or cot will entertain the little one and give them hours of joy and fun in their very own room. Particularly great as a gift for newborn children, the mobile will also be a useful tool when trying to get them to sleep or keeping them distracted during nappy changes.

Plush Toys

All children have the need to develop their tactile perception, and a soft plush toy such as a teddy bear that can be cuddled and used as a comfort is always a fantastic gift for a child. That teddy bear will likely become an early friend for your baby, so pick wisely and that plush toy will give your little one years of joy and companionship.

Reed Diffuser

This one is more for Mom and Dad’s benefit, but the child will also enjoy the wonderful fragrance options that a reed diffuser offers within their room. These are particularly useful in a room that often ends up smelling like a freshly changed nappy. We love the baby powder fragranced diffuser, as it enhances the feeling of being in a baby’s nursery and taking care of your child.


Tiebacks may not be something that typically comes to mind when thinking of gifts for children, but if the tiebacks are made in themes that kids love, you have a winner. A bonus of a great tieback is that it makes the room look neater, which means Mom and Dad will appreciate it too.

Themed lampstand

There is nothing quite as unique and special as a hand-made or hand-painted gift, and these unique and beautiful lampstands can really light up a child’s room in more ways than one. Available in a variety of popular themes that kids love, the child making use of the lampstand will soon learn to love the new addition to their room.

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